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While we would always recommend hiring a DJ for your event we realize that not every party requires a DJ. With this in mind, we are happy to announce our DIY House Party Packages


The DIY – House Party Blue ToothAudio Package – Rental – $200


This package includes one Professional Blue tooth-enabled Speaker complete with a Tripod Stand and power cable.


Delivery and setup are included within Airdrie or 15% off if picked up and returned in Airdrie.


The DIY – House Party Lighting

Package – Rental – $150


This Package includes two colour wash lights and one effect light set to dance to the music, setup and delivery within Airdrie or 15% off if picked up in Airdrie and returned.


All lights will be set to Sound active mode to dance to the music.

The package by its self is $150 or $100 if bundled with the House Party Blue Tooth Audio – Rental Package


* Delivery fees may apply outside of Airdrie. Prices subject to change

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