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A Walk on the Wild Side

Originally posted on Facebook July 9th 2019

Some potential clients ask me about what kind of music I like to listen to. My usual answer is anything that makes you move, anything with a good beat or a great melody. I have a hard time deciding my 'Favorite' kind of music because I have a very diverse taste.

After Supper tonight my wife and I got to reminiscing about some of the music that we used to listen to during and after High School. Canataloop (Flip Fantasia) by US3 came to mind immediately, and while we were singing along to that I remembered another track that I used to love back in the day.

Walk on the Wild Side by Jimmy Smith was a track on a collection of Discs that I had "The Verve Story" The screaming Trumpets, the honking Trombones and the driving Drums get you moving but the genius of Jimmy Smith on the Jazz Organ is what hooks you!

Throw on some headphones and crank it up, This is a great track from the '60s that is light years ahead of its time!

Press the Vinyl below to be taken to YouTube

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