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Unexpected moments of magic

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the Students of Heloise Lorimer and Windsong School at their respective Valentine's dances last week.

During the magical time after I was done setting up and while I was waiting for the kids of Windsong to swarm the gym, I noticed a student in the gym hanging with his Aide. He was absolutely fascinated with my little Disco Ball Style light that I had going. I instantly remembered him from the last time I did a dance at Windsong and I remembered playing music just for him.

I approached his Aide and asked if there's any music that he would like to hear. She explained to me that he was Non-Verbal and that he LOVES the song The Wheels on the Bus, and anything from the Guardians of the Galaxy Sound Track!

So I immediately pulled up The Wheels on the Bus and holy did he ever light up! You could immediately tell that he was very excited to hear his favorite song on the big speakers. For the next 20 minutes, I gave him his own little personal show with all sorts of music from the Guardians Soundtrack.

He Seemed so very happy, and it made it all worthwhile! I love my job.

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