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Rock and Bowl!

Originally published March 17th 2019 on Facebook

52 897 - That's how many steps I've taken this weekend... (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

This was clearly the busiest weekend I've had since I've been in business, I am both very grateful and very tired.

Friday was an amazing Neon Nights Family School dance at Coopers Crossing Elementary School thanks to Tia Row for hooking me up with that dance. I think she may be one of my biggest supporters and probably the only other person in Airdrie that is more tired than me right now!

Saturday afternoon I provided a speaker and a microphone for a Celebration of Life out at the Crossfield Community Hall. This one hit a little close to home, as the person that passed spent his entire life in the Aggregate Industries and his kids were all close to 40. He, unfortunately, lost a very brief battle with cancer. It was very clear to me he was loved and admired by those around him.

Saturday night was a Whirlwind!!! This was the Airdrie Food Bank's Annual 2019 Shamrock Shimmy! This has to be one of my favorite events of the year. I never have to work to fill the Dance floor. The Food Bank manages to surround its self with so many happy and positive people that they flock to the dance floor ready to party. Not only did I supply sound for the event I also supported Tammy Driedger who did an amazing job singing during the Cocktail hour. Who knows, maybe next year Nadine Ellard McEwing will join her for a duet?

I managed to wear a second hat this year at the Shamrock Shimmy as a member of the Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums. We performed one of the sets that we performed at our Annual Robbie Burns Dinner. It was a lot of fun, and we got rave reviews. it sounds like Councillor Ron Chapman, may be joining us on the drums in the near future!

Finally today I was out in Cochrane for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area Rock and Bowl for Kid's Sake event. I did the Airdrie version of this last week and had a blast. This event actually inspired me to write this lengthy blog post, as I had come clarity tonight on something that I've probably always known but didn't really realize how much of an impact this has on how I do my job.

I woke up tired, my body was sore and my feet were aching. I had very little motivation to get going at all. But I had made a commitment and I am a professional so as they say "The show must go on" So I dragged my butt out to Cochrane and immediately jumped into action. We had very little time to set up and I was placed into a challenging spot to set up but I was able to make it work and was ready 15 minutes prior to guests arriving.

This event had 3 waves of guests at 2 hours a session. The first wave of guests was a lot of fun, they had a great time were in fun costumes and were ready to party. Their goal was more about the party than the bowling. I was able to feed off their energy and provide them with some great tunes that fit them to a glove.

The second wave was more about the bowling than the partying, they still had fun but they just didn't have the energy for me to feed off of and as such I don't feel like I did as good of a job as I should have for them, I feel like they were happy but I just didn't give them the extra oomph that I usually expect of my self. I was tired and sore and wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the remainder of the night.

And then the Third wave hit.

They came in like a wrecking ball!

Cochrane Floors & More had Twisted Sister down to a T! Their energy was through the roof. There was another group of Older Biker looking dudes that had the Rock and Roll Attitude and were there to party. I got told by their Ring Leader that I was to play some ZZ Top and Jail House Rock. Yes Sir.

I hit this group hard with some Twisted Sister and didn't let off the gas pedal the entire session. The BPM was up, The Rock and Roll was tight, and they danced all night. I got so many high fives and cheers that I forgot just how tired and sore I was. I rode that energy all the way home to Airdrie and now I'm sitting here writing this before bed.

Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to go schlep gear, but remembering these kinds of moments makes it that much easier and worth it.

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